Solutions and example uses provided by KoalaKey

KoalaKey has many different features which are split into different types.

We currently only offer the founders edition of the KoalaKey which has most of the features available to the KoalaKey. By using the founders edition, you are supporting us to improve our solution! Thank you!


The base features of the KoalaKey are:

    1. PIN protection
    2. Configurable data drives
    3. Password management
    4. Brute force detection and reaction
    5. Globally unique token identity
    6. Personalization options

ThisĀ  feature set encompases the majority of user and their day to day use. Each feature is provided by other devices, but none can match the capabilities of the KoalaKey in one device.


Expanding upon the features provided by the personal model of the KoalaKey, the developer model integrates software protection and licensing solutions as an all in one distribution and anti-reverse engineering tool.

With the power of the KoalaKey’s modules, previously impossible methods and techniques for software protection and licensing is available, for example:

    1. With multiple user groups, partitioning access and ensuring that data stored on the KoalaKey can not be modified
    2. Remote license updates can be performed with a combination of PIN presses instead of requiring an executable file or VPN/some kind of software, thus facilitating air gapped environments
    3. Operations performed onboard the KoalaKey has no relation to the environment it used within, ensuring a perfect division between sensitive data and the end user
    4. Attackers or even authorized users attempting to share software over a network to bypass user counts are prevented with the ability to clock and generate unique user tokens, on the KoalaKey itself
    5. Reverse engineering techniques rely on complete binaries, by encoding data and integrating KoalaKey into the standard workflow of a program, reverse engineering becomes a guessing game. Current and advancing AI technology such as GPT uses existing knoweldge bases and statistical models to generate unbelievably powerful output, KoalaKey can protect you from such technology and advancement in reverse engineering.


To tackle the needs of administrating employees and their individual needs for accessing sensitive systems, coupled with an offline, un-intrusive device usage monitor, the KoalaKey also provides the ability to track and identify irregularities and therefore threats.

By providing portability with a user friendly, off device PIN based authentication system and integrating multi factor authentication into one device which supports users tracking, the KoalaKey is the perfect hybrid device for any company or organization that needs to find the middle ground between accessibility and security.

Some examples for how the full set of features provided by the KoalaKey allows IT administrators to:

    1. Identify individual users by their KoalaKey and automate operations
    2. Automatically identify impropper use of a KoalaKey
    3. Act as an off-computer input device, ensuring that keyloggers can not track a users operation
    4. Digitally encrypt and decrypt data off-computer
    5. Provide a cost efficient alternative to issuing a laptop for every employee by securely hosting a virtual machine disk