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KoalaKey is a composite USB device using native drivers.

No middleware or software is needed for regular use.

Visual feedback

When inserted, KoalaKey flashes it’s LED’s based on USB type:
3 flashes = USB 3
2 flahses = USB 2

Pin & Password

The KoalaKey can be unlocked via the 5 PIN’s or via GumTree software with a password.

User authentication

After unlock, Koalakey can type like a keyboard when a PIN is pressed. To prevent abuse, only regular use key output is allowed. eg. windows key is blocked.

Supports static, HOTP, debug and custom script output.

Data drive

Configured with the GumTree tool, the KoalaKey supports

  • Up to 8 drives
  • User levels: Guest, User or Admin access
  • Access types: None, Read only or Read and Write
  • Raw drive: read/write speed 70MBps (560Mbps)
  • Encrypted drive: 25MBps (200Mbps)

Software Protection

Using an onboard script interpreter, KoalaKey is the first software protection solution that provides all the benefits older software protection tools but can also execute parts of your software off device. This protects your software from AI and the next generation of attacks.

Get ahead of the competition with KoalaKey.


For every day use, protect your data and passwords with KoalaKey

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Explore the novel software licensing power of the Developer edition KoalaKey

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Get ahead of the next generation of cyber security threats with the KoalaKey solution

An economical alternative to providing each employee their own suite of tools to maintain their normal workflow

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