KoalaKey Developer

    Expanding upon the features provided by the personal model of the KoalaKey, the developer model integrates software protection and licensing solutions as an all in one distribution and anti-reverse engineering tool.

    With the power of the KoalaKey’s script modules, previously impossible methods and techniques for software protection and licensing is now possible, for example:

1. Multiple user groups
  Partitioning access and ensuring that data stored on the KoalaKey can not be modified by unauthorized users

2. Air gapped remote update
  Remote license updates can be performed with a combination of PIN presses instead of requiring an executable file or VPN/some kind of software, thus facilitating air gapped environments

3. On device execution
  Operations performed onboard the KoalaKey has no relation to the environment it used within, ensuring a perfect division between sensitive data and the end user

4. Diverse capabilities
  Using KoalaKey’s feature set, as an example attackers or even authorized users attempting to share software over a network to bypass limits are prevented with the ability to clock and generate unique user tokens, on the KoalaKey itself

5. Future proofed
  Reverse engineering and decryption techniques rely on complete binaries/datasets, by encoding data and integrating KoalaKey into the standard workflow of a program, such attacks become a guessing game. AI technology uses existing knoweldge bases and statistical models to generate unbelievably powerful output, however KoalaKey bypasses this by providing a solution that is both off device and offline