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KoalaKey is a composite USB device using native drivers.

No middleware or software is needed for regular use.

Visual feedback

When inserted, KoalaKey flashes it’s LED’s based on USB type:
3 flashes = USB 3
2 flahses = USB 2

Pin & Password

The KoalaKey can be unlocked via the 5 PIN’s or via GumTree software with a password.

User authentication

After unlock, Koalakey can type like a keyboard when a PIN is pressed. To prevent abuse, only regular use key output is allowed. eg. windows key is blocked.

Supports static, HOTP, debug and custom script output.

Data drive

Configured with the GumTree tool, the KoalaKey supports

  • Up to 8 drives
  • User levels: Guest, User or Admin access
  • Access types: None, Read only or Read and Write
  • Raw drive: read/write speed 70MBps (560Mbps)
  • Encrypted drive: 25MBps (200Mbps)

Software Protection

Using an onboard script interpreter, KoalaKey is the first software protection solution that provides all the benefits older software protection tools but can also execute parts of your software off device. This protects your software from AI and the next generation of attacks.

Get ahead of the competition with KoalaKey.

What Is the KoalaKey?

Configurable USB Storage

Configure Koalakey’s drive(s) in a manner that suits you. Supporting up to 8 unique drives that can each be configured to be Encrypted or Unencrypted.

Each drive can also be read only, read and write or hidden based on user level.

Convenient Password Management

Securely store complicated passwords bound to each PIN button after unlocking, including OATH HOTP making it the perfect MFA token for user authentication to multiple systems within your work flow or even custom algorithms for an added layer of complexity.

Next generation software protection

By taking the novel approach of giving a developer the ability to execute their own code on the KoalaKey itself, KoalaKey is not only capable of the standard API-esque method of existing software protection solutions, you can now take immeasurably stronger measures against reverse engineering as the software is simply incomplete.

This is an industry changing technique that will leap your software security ahead of the curve!

One Device, Many Uses

sWhat Can The KoalaKey Be Used For?

KoalaKey is the only multi-purpose product commercially available with so many features. It is suitable for personal and professional use.

  • Large companies can use the KoalaKey to provide a cost effective method for distributing a pre-configured operating system to it’s employees, compared to providing each employee their own laptop. The KoalaKey can also provide multiple different MFA options, please note we recommended to use OTP’s with a separate user PIN/password as well.
  • Software developer can distribute their sensitive software to customers with multiple levels of security, preventing unauthorized access and can even provide the customer with a sequnce of PIN buttons to remotely update a license, thus providing a method that does not require an update file. Ofcourse an update file can be used as well if so desired.
  • For personal use the KoalaKey can be used in public places safely by becoming a read only device as this makes it impossible to be infected by a virus and KoalaKey can remember and output your sensitive passwords.

Cost & Space Efficient

Condense your security, reduce costs and save your pocket, literally.

KoalaKey will streamline your IT security management as it combines multiple existing solutions together into one small form factor. Less time is spent integrating and maintaining all of these solutions into your workflow.


Balance Security & Usability

Taking the best of all worlds, KoalaKey helps you find the middleground between ease of use and protection. This is achieved by providing the user with the tools needed to tailor how they want to use the KoalaKey.

For example you can choose how many incorrect PIN combinations are allowed until the KoalaKey factory resets itself, or if a reset is too extreme, as the brute force action, it can simply block additional PIN input until the KoalaKey is disconnected and reconnected.

By holding PIN 1 and pressing PIN 5, all software access can be blocked, making KoalaKey a physical PIN device only. However instead of simply blocking HID access, if you want some software operations, you can specify which operations to allow, for example blocking the software operation for unlocking the KoalaKey only.


What We Offer

 The KoalaKey is the result of years of technological improvements within hardware based security. As a hybrid device, the KoalaKey empowers it’s users with unparalleled customizability and flexibility to provide a tailored security solution that fits your needs and work flow.

Who is the team behind KoalaKey?

At Authtech PTY LTD, we are an Australian company dedicated to creating the next generation cyber security tool for everyone in a Covid, AI and privacy conscious world, without sacrificing usability.

We understand the diverse threats of tomorrow and the KoalaKey is our answer for staying ahead.



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