KoalaKey Personal

Have you ever needed to travel with data?
Are you uncomfortable using public WiFi?
Is there a fear of getting a virus from connecting your USB drives to other devices?
How often do you update your passwords?
Are your passwords secure and unique for each place you use them?

If any of the above is something you are concious of, KoalaKey has you covered.

    1. Supporting 8 drives, with different permissions giving you complete control over your data
    2. Access what you need, when you need it without relying on an internet connection
    3. Using the onboard password manager, securely and reliably store your

For more information about the core features of the KoalaKey, please see Solutions. For indepth details about each feature and how to use them, please visit our Wiki.

Once you’ve experienced the KoalaKey, it is the kind of tool that you can’t be without.