KoalaKey Enterprise

    KoalaKey tackles the difficult task of administrating a large number of employees/contractors/3rd parties and their individual identities with relevant permissions needed for accessing sensitive systems by not only providing a secure way to distribute virtual operating systems, it is coupled with an offline, un-intrusive device usage tracker and globally unique identification. The KoalaKey provides your cyber security team the ability to track and identify irregularities at a device level.

    By providing portability with a user friendly, off device PIN based authentication system and integrating multiple, multi-factor authentication tokens into one device which supports users tracking, the KoalaKey is the perfect hybrid device for any company or organization that needs to find the middle ground between accessibility and security.

Some examples for how the full set of features provided by the KoalaKey allows IT administrators to:

    1. Identify individual users by their KoalaKey
    2. Automatically detect impropper use of a KoalaKey
    3. Act as an off-computer input device, ensuring that keyloggers can not track certain operations
    4. Digitally encrypt and decrypt data off-computer
    5. Provide a cost efficient alternative to issuing a laptop for every employee by securely hosting a virtual machine disk

Strengthening and streamlining your Cyber security suite whilst also providing alternatives is the advantage of KoalaKey. There is now a better way.

KoalaKey Enterprise provides all of the features of Personal and  Developer.