GumTree: Command Line Interface

KoalaKey has a CLI tool (and a GUI coming soon) that allows owners of the KoalaKey to customize their KoalaKey over the computer and to automate their experience. This tool is intended for the owners of KoalaKey’s only.

The usage of this CLI tool ranges from simply logging into the KoalaKey (which can be disabled to be physical PIN only to ensure that brute force access is impossible) to changing the keyboard output from the pre-set passwords to adjusting the size and types of the drives.

Please download the latest version the GumTreeCLI from here!

SHA1: 21802287617D22CE03DFE0965A28F439874D21D4

SHA256: 0827F127B61B5BBE46A125E140848091B8E5650669A929D8F05EAFCED05F1E96

Current version (beta, has some text issues and unsupported commands)

All commands must have a – or / symbol first and ignore capitalization, for example “-unlock mypassword” is the same as “-UNLOCK mypassword” or “-UnLock mypassword”.

This is a full list of the commands supported by the GumTree CLI tool.

Note: 1 byte is an unsigned character, unexpected behaviour might occur with UTF16 or similar character encoding. Please email support (at) for assistance.

Commands that are GumTreeCLI specific (This is already obsolete, to be updated soon):
Command Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Description
Help or h or ? Prints the help text output
Version Gives the version of GumTreeCLI used
Verbose 1 byte (0 ~ 2) Sets the level of detail on output provided by GumTreeCLI, 0=no output, 1=results only, 2=complete output (default)

Commands that do not require administrator login:
Command Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Description
Lock Locks the KK
Unlock String password (5~40 bytes) Unlocks the KK using HID protocol, this can be disabled using setbruteforce
GetID Displays the ID number loaded into the KK, set by the owner
GetHID Loads globally unique hardware ID KK, set at manufacture
GetName Displays the name given to the KoalaKey by the owner
KKVersion Displays the Koalakey’s firmware version
Runscript License module (0~255) 40 bytes of input data Executes a software protection license module
GetScriptResult Attempt to get the current result of a license module, this may fail if execution of the license module is ongoing
GetScriptWait Waits for the result of a license modules execution, this will only fail if the license module has triggered the infinite loop detection
Format Factory resets a KoalaKey, this option can be disabled by an administrator beforehand to require administrator login

Commands that require administrator login:
Command Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Description
KKStatus Gets the status of a KoalaKey (currently just idle or busy)
SetPIN PIN in chars or bytes (5~30) Sets the physical PIN login, supports input as both ascii characters ‘1’~’5′ 49~53 or byte data 1~5
SetPassword password in chars (5~30) Sets the HID login static password
SetName KK name (1~30 bytes) Sets the name of the KoalaKey
SetID 1 unsigned integer (4 bytes) Sets the KoalaKey’s ID number
GetMaxBruteForce Get the values currently set as KoalaKey brute force limits and whether format requires administrator login
SetBruteForce Sets the brute force limit and behaviour for HID, PIN and whether the format command requires administrator login
For login methods, the HID unlock method can be:
1. Disabled
2. Enabled but with a limit
For PIN unlock method, the number of PIN button presses can be limited. The KoalaKey can act on when the limits are reached:
1. Do nothing/ignore all future attempts until re-insertion
2. Format KoalaKey to protect encrypted content, but resets PIN to 12345, HId password back to “password” and allow access to unencrypted drives.
SetKeyboard Sets the 40 character long keyboard output to a PIN
SetKeyboardHOTP Sets the HOTP secretkey + counter + digits to a PIN
StayUnlocked Allows the KoalaKey to stay unlocked after re-insertion once, locking the KoalaKey disables this
UpdateKK firmware file name Load a new firmware onto the KoalaKey
LoadScript License module (0~255) script file name Load a software protection script onto the KoalaKey
SetDrives 20 hexadecimal characters Sets the number of drives (maximum 8) and type of drives on the KoalaKey, please use: CLI drive tool to easily generate the command string or see KoalaKey Drive doc for details

All commands can be stacked or separated but must have the correct number of inputs, for example:

GumTreeCLI.exe -unlock mypassword
GumTreeCLI.exe -lock

Is equivalent to

GumTreeCLI.exe -unlock mypassword -lock

The benefit to stacking commands is to maintain the verbose output behavior and should provide better performance since the GumTreeCLI is not closed and re-opened repeatedly.

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